Idk man, I just really like the 60s

||somewhere between mod and hippie, who knows?||

~ The Beatles, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Bob Dylan, Donovan etc. ~
Pattie Boyd is my queen :-) ~

- 16 - I'm from Newcastle - not like Geordie Shore I promise, pls don't run. Where are you going? -
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“He finally picked up his pen and, in the unlikely backdrop of Disney World, at the Polynesian Village Hotel, officially ended the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in history by simply scrawling John Lennon at the bottom of the page.”  -May Pang 


"He was very good. He started like we did. He didn’t know the game, neither did we, really. We knew how to play, and he tidied us up and moved us on.

"He ran a record division in his father’s furniture company, heard about us, or heard about them, I wasn’t even with them then, went down to the Cavern, and said, hmm, maybe I’ll manage them. He didn’t know how to manage to save his life, but he decided to be a manager, so who knew?”

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